9 + 1 Cuban-Style Salsa Lessons

Below you’ll find video clips of the 10 Cuban-style salsa lessons that I took with salsa school La Casa del Son in Havana, Cuba. These videos are intended as an introduction to Cuban-style salsa and as a reference for those who are considering to take salsa classes with La Casa del Son.

Last edited: January 7, 2015

Two young women practicing Cuban salsa

Please note that all instructions (f.e. go forward, back, left, right) are given from the man’s perspective. And, as far as possible, I have added English translations to otherwise Spanish names for the steps, turns and combinations.

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 1

Basic Step #0 – Paso de Caminar (Walking Step) with the variations: in place, forward, to the right, back, to the left, rotate.
Basic Step #1 – Paso de Lateral (side step)
Basic Step #2 – Paso delante/delante (forward/forward step)
Basic Step #3 – Paso delante/detras (forward/back step)
Los Amigos (Friends)
Basic Step #4 – Pa Ti Pa Mi or Paso de Casino (For You For Me or Casino Step)
Dile Que No (Tell Her No)
Paso de Casino & El Dedo (Casino Step & The Finger)
Paso de Casino & Vacilala (Casino Step & Look at Her)
Paso de Casino & Manos Paralelas (Casino Step & Parallel Hands)

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 2

El Dedo (The Finger)
Vacilala (Look at Her)
Manos Paralelas (Parallel Hands)
Manos Cruzadas (Crossed Hands)
El Dedo & Tu y Yo (The Finger & You and Me)
Vacilala & Tu y Yo (Look at Her & You and Me)
El Dedo & Setenta (The Finger and 70)
Manos Cruzadas & Tu y Yo (Crossed Hands & You and Me)

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 3

Setenta (70)
Setenta y Uno (71)
Setenta y Dos (72)
Setenta Por La Tres (70 “for the three”)

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 4

America Para El Hombre (America for the Man)
Mariposa (Butterfly)

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 5

Setenta Complicado (70 Complicated)
Habana Loco (Crazy Habanero)

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 6

Sombrero Complicado

Cuban-Style Salsa Lessons 7, 8 & 9

Setenta y Uno y Medio with Mariposa (71,5 with Butterfly)
Ochenta y Ocho – (88)
Setenta y Uno y Medio (71.5)

Lesson 8 and 9 were used to repeat and perfectionize all the previously taught steps, turns and combinations. Additionally, the instructor added one more turn for the female: Coca Cola.

Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 10

Body movement class for women.


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To La Casa del Son for letting me record and publish the videos.


Reviewing Salsa School La Casa del Son in Havana, Cuba.