10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Learn to Kiteboard

Practicing Backrolls in Cumbuco, Brazil
1. It makes you look freaking hot

Without even noticing, kiteboarding will transform your body immensely. It’s a ridiculously nice side effect.

2. You will want to eat a lot and you can
If you kiteboard for three times a week about 2 hours per session, you’ll be able to eat anything you want.

3. Meditation included
Checking wind conditions, driving up to the beach, laying out your lines, pumping up and launching your kite, riding the waters with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face will make you tune out everything.

No thoughts, no worries. It is a zen experience which will leave you in total calmness after each session. Include a couple of yoga stretches before and after and you can skip your meditation and yoga classes all together.

4. Happy people around
The kiting community is generally extremely helpful and friendly. It’s inherent to the sport as you need somebody to help you to safely launch and land your kite.

5. Life is a beach or a pile of snow
What could be nicer than always having to go to the beach. De-stress, revive, enjoy and catch up on your tan. And when you hit winter, you can always take yourself for a powder ride as kiteboarding is also possible in snow.

6. Shop until you drop
Style is important and as more girls are discovering kiteboarding, so are all the brands picking up on this. There is swimwear, kites, boards and much more being especially designed for girls as we speak.

7a. Kiteboys adoring you, while heaps of others admire you
You’re a chick on a kiteboard–what’s not to love?

 7b. Your boyfriend, the kiteboarder, will love you more
Joining your boyfriend has some serious advantages. Not only will he get the chance to show off his knowledge, he is also going to be very proud of you and extremely happy. It will only improve your relationship as you get to share a very unique experience.

Moreover, he won’t have to divide his time between the wind and you any longer, and you won’t have to follow him around pretending that you’re okay with tanning in the midst of a sandstorm.

8. Great learning experience
Kiteboarding is more about safety and technique than raw strength, which is nice for a change when learning a new sport. It also means that you’re never too old to start kiteboarding. Moreover, having to learn how to control different things at the same time makes you feel smart and cool. To top it off, I can add that the learning process is exponential. In the beginning it feels like just thinking about kiteboarding is making you master your kite control.

9. Queen, pick your trade
Kiteboarding is versatile in many ways. You need the synergy of wind and water forces; you have to learn how to work with your kite, board and harness; and you can kiteboard rivers, lakes, oceans and even snow.

Plus, you’ll be able to choose between a couple of riding styles that suit you best and that you enjoy most. You can ride waves (kitesurfing), practice awesome tricks on flat water (freestyle), or ride from A to B for hours letting the wind take you down (downwinders). Try it all.

10. Learn to fly
Well, what?! Yes, when you learn how to catch air, you will be able to launch yourself above the water and soar in the air for seconds. How is that for magic.

Gear shown in picture: Board - North Soleil 2013, bindings - North Entity Combo, harness – Dakine Pyro 2013 Rasta (from Mr.G), bar – North (don’t remember more details).

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